Please join me in welcoming AIRAID Filter company, a new Industry Partner to the Corvette Action Center.

AIRAID® Premium Filters consist of multiple layers of cotton-gauze plus one layer of synthetic fiber material called SynthaFlow®, sandwiched between either stainless steel or aluminum mesh, depending upon the application. The casing of the filter is hand-poured urethane, which offers superior performance and durability, and won’t shrink or crack from prolonged heat exposure under the hood.

Superior filtration and flow, thanks to the SynthaFlow® material, is what makes AIRAID® Premium filters better than the rest. SynthaFlow® enhances dirt filtration down to two microns and is moisture resistant. AIRAID® Premium Filters are also washable and re-usable and are guaranteed for life.

Over the years, AIRAID® Premium Filter Company has become the recognized leader in air management for both gasoline and diesel power plants. Extensive research and development has allowed AIRAID® to come to market first with high-quality products that improve drivability and performance. It has also allowed us to further expand our product line to offer a complete line of AIRAID® Intake Systems and PowerAid® Throttle Body Spacers.
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