Have you ever participated in a real automotive shoot-out? How about a Corvette shoot-out? How about a shoot-out against other marques? I never have but I have always wanted to. Well now is your time to put up or shut up if you think you own a super fast street legal Corvette because the Mopar Muscle and High Performance Pontiac guys are meeting us in Atlanta, Georgia to try and kick our butt. That just can’t happen. Corvette Fever has teamed up with YearOne this year to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to strut all your Corvette stuff at the 2008 YearOne Experience.

Do you have a quick all street-legal ride? I bet there are a few Corvettes out there that can put down some serious quarter-mile times. I know of at least one who has run in the eights! You may be a hot-shot at all the car shows but do you have what it takes to drive your car on the street for 25 miles through traffic and then hump the car down the drag strip for the rest of the day? If yes, you could be crowned the new King Kong of the shoot-out world. Through the combined efforts of Corvette Fever and YearOne, you will have the opportunity to prove your Corvettes mettle on the drag strip for bragging rights and prizes at the YearOne Experience on May 16-18. If you are chosen to compete in this unique event as one of only eight contestants, your attempt to take down all opponents on Atlanta Dragway’s super-sticky quarter-mile strip will be chronicled in the pages of Corvette Fever magazine.
The basic rules are as follows: your ride must be insured, registered, inspected, and legal for public roads, and it has to survive a 25-mile test loop on the street without puking, breaking, or doing anything else to lose composure in the presence of the CF magazine staff. It must represent the Corvette nameplate proudly on the drag strip because if the Mopars or Pontiacs are quicker, we¹ll never live it down. The quickest Corvette will take home a big trophy for the mantle and a YearOne gift certificate for parts. A pump-gas combination is not mandatory and slicks will be allowed.

To be considered for this battle of drag strip supremacy, you must compose a brief synopsis of your Corvette’s combination that includes year, model, engine size, transmission, rear gear, and best ET/mph to date. Also throw in a few low-res photos of the body, engine, and interior, and tell us why you think your Corvette is quicker than all the others that will show up. For complete rules and entry info, check out www.corvettefever.com. The cutoff date for entries is April 15, 2008 and all participants chosen will be notified by phone by April 22, 2008.

Do you have the quickest street legal Corvette on the planet? We need you!