I have agreed to restore and update a 74 Coupe, I want to ask for Retired Veterans that would be willing to volunteer to support this restoration.
We are targeting Feb 2015 to start, the work will be done in Chantilly in a Shop. We will get trained on all aspects of the process and have use of key services, engine, paint, frame, interior etc.
The end result will be raffled or auctioned to generate funding for Wounded Veterans. The restoration process may be recorded and used in a marketing effort to promoter the sale of the car. In the last project like this a Old CJ Jeep was restored and raffled to help benefit Veterans to get Driving Equipment like hand controls to drive cars using arms.
This time We want to focus on the crew as well as the vehicle to get Veterans to learn skills and help promote the Corvette Hobby.
By providing the work at no cost we will use donations to get the parts needed and other services.
The end result we hope is a Team of Veterans ready to take on additional projects or train other Veterans in the skills they have learned.
We have a pipeline of Corvette identified and are all C3 68 thru 82. We feel this is a great model style to focus on.
I personally have owned 2 64's, 79, 81, 93, 98, 07 Corvettes and have built 3 engines with Superchargers.
I am retiring in Jan 2017 so this will be my life's dream to restore Corvettes and help Veterans.

Any Veterans in the Chantilly, Ashburn Region willing to work on this 74 Project, learn some new Car Skills and loves Corvettes please respond.
If this type of message is not authorized here please delete. If anyone is interested in supporting the project in other ways let me know.
We are in very early startup.