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  1. Hi,
    I need your special advice again.
    My vette '03, is throwing me messages on my DIC again. The first is' "Pull key, wait 10 seconds etc. The second is " Service column lock" GM recalled my vette about three years ago to address this as a recall. I took it in and they did their recall. The pull key display has been intermittent for the past year. The column lock started this afternoon when I began to pull out of the driveway....the vette kept on cutting out as well. I had to restart many times to get back into the garage. By the way, thank you for the advice on the magnetic ride shocks, I found the cable connector on the shock mechanism loose. Plugged it back together, all is well so far. I have had the car into GM three times this year for the fuel gauge dying when the tank has gas in it. They first replaced the sensor, then the complete right gas tank. I am still having problems as my tank is now full and my gauge shows empty. It seems to be very intermittent. Today I checked my codes and found a P0463 code.
    I have just purchased my vette from my lease (5year lease) as it was flawless until now, now the troubles are starting and I think this may be a costly episode. It would be appreciated if you could advise on my problems and is there a way I can rectify these problems my self. Would it be a good thing for me to purchase the set of factory manuals from Ecklers (the three volume set) and is the vette easy to work on?
    Thanks for your responses on the forum,
    Michael C.
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