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  1. Andre, need you to clarify something about last CF in Cleveland. Today, Oct 7, I was just notified via e-mail that I paid $20 for supporting membership, via pay pal. I thought I paid you with a check for the supporting membership for 2008-2009 and for the events. I was just wondering about this because this is the second time this happened to me. Last year I sent a check for $60 after the CS CF for supporting membership for 2007-2008 after talking to Rob. He told me that pay pal only was set up to charge $20, so I mailed a check for more to help the cause. Then I received a notice in the fall of 2007 that I had been just paid $20 via pay pal. I surely don't mind the extra money as I would pay more to keep the site up. Could you let me know what has happened? I don't want a refund, keep the money for site expenses. Every little bit helps.
    I didn't want to put this on the CAC site as a new thread, so I decided to ask you thru a PM.
    Thanks, Barrett
  2. Andre,
    I was wondering if you have posted the registration package for the CF yet? Reason I asked is that I saw Gregory (LT4man) said he was registration #4 below the photo of his car on one of his recent posts. I surely want to get my reservation as soon as possible. I have the hotel room. Thanks for any info you may have. I checked the events for CF08, but Colorado Springs was listed for last year.
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