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  1. Gregory, you probably thought that I forgot your question as to what Radio Shack battery works in the C4 FOB. Mine went out last week and I replaced it with the Radio Shack 3 volt battery CR2450, Lithium. You probably already know this, but thought I would follow up.
  2. Barrett,
    Address is correct. My camera does not have a USB port. Darn it! I did not receive my Window Sticker yet. I will call the Museum and see what the hold-up is.
    I know you put a lot of miles on your Vette. I was lucky I was so close. I spent less on gas than I had budgeted!
  3. Gregory, I have the photos of the BG trip ready for you. One photo you took at the NCM did not turn out, either a bad photographer or a corrupt portion on the disc - I believe it was the latter. But I got you and the vette in front of the NCM and the assembly plant. I assume that the address on your check, W. Schreiber Ave is correct, but could you confirm it for me. Also, did you have any luck with your Sony Mavica USB connection? I tried mine when I came home and it worked fine, the driver installed automatically. If yours does not work, send the disks to me and I will put the photos on a CD for you.
    Hope you got your stuff from the Museum. I really enjoyed the trip, but I think I will carefully analyze any CF further east than BG. Took me 3 days to get back. Also spent about $1800 on the whole trip, 75% was for gas and hotels.
  4. Gregory, I e-mailed you yesterday and want to cover my bases before I depart about your phone nos. Could you re-send both your home and cell phone nos please.
  5. Doesn't matter how late it is! Would sleep much better knowing you were on your way!
  6. Gregory, I think it is a good idea for me to call you the first night out so you know that I am on my way. How late do you stay up?
  7. Gregory
    Things have been quite hectic as I am still turning in projects to the records center. Have till June 3, then I am retired.
    I made the reservations at the Motel 6 for Sunday and Monday, and if you look at Andre's list, I was the first registrant for CF. I read your post to Andre that you were having a difficult time in choosing the events. You'd better get your registration in by tomorrow to qualify for the $200 drawing.
    I hope to get the 02 out of storage next week. I pulled it out of the garage, installed the CLB from Corvettes of Houston, and put it away again. It has snowed twice since last Friday. Even the 94 stays garaged, even thought I have taken it on several cruises.
    We need to establish an approximate time to arrive in BG on Sunday; it will take me two days to get there, so my first day will be the longest drive.
  8. Gregory, thanks for the message; I had a lot of fun in Colorado Springs and knew that I wanted to go to CF08 in Cleveland to renew acquaintances and meet other CACers I have not met in person. Prior to CF07, I would post some info and comments, but it was like I was talking to strangers (no one on the CAC ever made me feel that way though-they were all quite friendly and I try to respond the same way). After CF07 and meeting some of the CACers, I knew that this was a great organization. I have written some PMs to various CACers, including you, because I know them now and they know me. I am not sure if I would have attended CF07 had it been far away. I feel that I was very lucky that the CF was in CS.

    I hope that you plan to attend the Cleveland event and that we can get together again. I read your posts and know that you speak from experience, so the info is good. You only get this from meeting people and making friends. I believe you were the first person I actually talked to in the parking lot when I arrived, other than getting directions from Jeff on where to register. I instantly recognized your LT4, and hope to see it again in Cleveland; it is a beautiful, distinctive corvette and you maintain it well. I plan to drive the 02 coupe to CF08. Colorado Geezer (he won the vararam cold induction system at Corvette Center) is trying to set up a caravan. That will be a lot of fun; reminds me of the "old days [late 60s]" in KC Mo when I was with the Corvette Club and we would do cruises. Although I am not a member of a local corvette club, I am a life member at large of the the National Council of Corvette Clubs. I joined in 1962 when Chevy sponsored the first Corvette national convention in St. Louis.

    Thanks for thinking of me and let's keep in touch.
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