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  1. Hey Grumpyvette are you still around?

    The reason I was asking is that I am getting ready to replace the engine in my '78 Pace Car. I will be keeping the stock engine and I need to preserve it and the TH-350 transmission. Your post on preserving engines...is that still the best way to do it? Is there anything speical I need to do to the tranny to store it? The stock engine has right at 75K on the clock. It could stand to be rebuilt but I will hold off on that task until later when I decide to drop the orginal back in it.


  2. you still need to basically cover the surfaces inside and outside the engine with clean fresh oil/grease, back off the valves (rockers) to release the pressure and FILL the sump with a few extra qts of oil to keep the bearings submerged,cover every part to prevent moisture from reaching the engine AFTER draining all the coolant from the block and making sure the coolant passages are dry (trash bags duct tape and plastic wrap at a minimum) a larger air tight box if you can find one over that helps
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