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  1. You are a swell guy Bill. Tell the bride I said hello and I'll be looking for you at Carlisle.

    Take care and thanks.
  2. Good Luck len!!!I voted for you!!!!
  3. Bill.....my favorite CAC friend.....my fellow Carlisle buddy....I need your HELP. I need for you to vote for my Pace Car. It would be way cool for a CAC member to be one of the winners of the contest for the Pace Cars. I've attached the link. Just click on it and follow the instructions. You will see my car and name. Just click on my car and it is done. Thanks a bunch. This is the last, all-out push to get as many votes as I can for my car. If I win...first round of beers is on me.



    If you know of some friends please get them to vote for me as well.

    Here is the link: http://www.c3vr.com/Carlisle78s/

    Thanks again


    AKA: Heavy Duty
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