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    My 1996 had a perfectly working LTPWS when I bought it and before I replaced the wheels and tires. I replaced the original sawblades for some GS style wheels and new tires. The tire tech is someone I trust, and allowed me to watch as he broke the original wheels and tires down, and, installed the new tires onto my new wheels. This is what I noticed:

    Factory wheel sensor colors were swapped front to rear, but on correct sides. Orange sensor is different, and the wheel it was mounted to didn't have the sticker indicating the 1 or 2 on it. (to show factory front or rear) Also, that orange sensor was oriented to rotate opposite the arrow printed on the label. (I can only assume that particular wheel was replaced as it didn't have the factory sticker on the outside and was different style sensor on the inside) And Oddly, the other 3 sensors seems to have a "sort of" arrow embossed on the plastic but were all mounted the same, thus, ignoring the direction the arrow was pointing in the left side. Nonetheless it all worked properly.

    I removed all 4 sensors from the sawblades and installed all 4 on the new wheels. I changed the direction of the orange sensor to match the arrow, and installed all 4 in there correct factory positions on the car. Now I get a low pressure light after a few minutes of driving, and when I run the codes I get a 23 indicating RR (Orange sensor low).

    So, I have two theories here, and cannot find an answer online that explains either in technically adequate terms.

    1) Does the rotation direction make a difference, and if so, why would the factory ignore this (on the left side)
    2) Why would my orange sensor work when mounted on the front (incorrect position), and rotating in the opposite direction, and now show a low pressure on the correct position, and going in the correct direction?

    Yes, the tire pressure is proper.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Well, I'd like to be the first to welcome you to CAC. We have a lot of people here who are knowledgeable and willing to help. Unfortunately I'm not one who has the answers you are looking for. Thar appears to be 180 degrees off of what would appear to be right. I really can't answer your question. Hopefully, someone will be by soon with the correct answer for you.
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