• Removing crank position sensor
  • Removing crank position sensor
  • Removing crank position sensor
  • Removing crank position sensor

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    Default Removing crank position sensor


    I bought a new o ring for the CPS. I can not get the bolt out that holds the CPS in place. A few questions for anyone who has done this:

    1. Bolt size 8mm yes or no

    2. Did you remove it from the top (sticking arm down passenger side next to power steering resevoir)?


    3. Did you remove it with the car up on ramps from beneath the car?

    4. If yes, did you have to remove crossmember?

    5. Did you use an open end wrench or socket?

    Any other tips greatly appreciated


    1996 CE LT4, Z51, FE3

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    I've done this (from the bottom). I'm guessing you have an oil leak and it's dripping from the CPS? I'll start with the outcome on mine: It was the main bearing seal leaking and dripping off the end of the CPS so in my case, the whole job was for not.

    A mechanic will either remove the balancer pulley or remove the oil pan to gain access to the CPS. Hindsight being 20/20, I would've waited until a repair required one of the above to be done and do it then. Especially since it may be the main and not the CPS!

    But if you're really passionate about an entire day of four letter expletives, here's what I did:

    It's been a few years so I don't remember whether the bolt is an 8 or 10 (sorry) I used a 1/4 drive socket / handle (no clearance for a ratchet) with a makeshift extension on the handle. There's very little throw on the handle and the bolt is about an inch long so it takes a long time to remove. Once it's loose, try putting surgical tubing over the bolt head and spinning it out that way (and back in). And think hard about whether the end justifies the effort, I wish I had

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    Default 1996 LT4 crankshaft position sensor

    trebor, did you replace the o-ring seal on your LT4's crankshaft position sensor? Do remember what procedure you used to access the removal and installation? I am going to replace the seal on my LT4 next week, or try to. If you replaced your o-ring did it solve the oil leakage problem? Jim
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