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    Original L81 engine pic's.. GerryLP's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill81vette View Post
    Damn!!!!sorry to hear that Gerry!`
    let us know how it goes...
    Yeah Bill,

    It is a bad way to learn that if you want a cam that won't so easily do that, you'll have to order it hardened. Smh

    i am thinking of using a retrofit roller cam this time.

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    Hi Gerry,

    And yes Damn!! I was hoping to hear from you with some good updates! I also think that rebuilding it with a retro roller cam is the best way to go!

    Greetings Peter

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    I think I'd go for the roller too. I wish I had done that on my last build. That would take the worry out of the situation. My rebuilder put some heavier springs on my heads for the stepside project. He says he uses these on a lot of small blocks with flat tappet cams without any problems. The number crosses over to several Chevrolet roller cam applications in the '90s. Even though I have 6 quarts of Shell Rotella T, cam break in lube and a quart of GM EOS in the 7 quart pan I just don't feel warm and fuzzy about starting my fresh engine with that much spring pressure. I have a new set of Edelbrock springs, retainers and locks that I got from a friend that was cleaning out his garage. I think they will be a much better match for my cam profile and rpm range.

    #5802 (B) Cast-Iron O.E. Head Non-Rotator 80 lbs. 1.700" 200 lbs. @ .475" 1.222" 0.875" 1.150" #9721 retainers, use with #2102 / #2103 / #3702 Performer Cams

    My cam is a GM performance 214/224 @ .050, .442/.465 lift. 114*.

    When I read of these failures if reinforces my thought to change out for the lighter springs before I light that sucker for the first time.
    NCRS 1360.............SACC 2082.............C1 Registry..............L81 Registry
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