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    Default Registry Update:

    I don’t remember the last time I updated our membership of happenings at the Registry.

    Our Registry is now back in the hands of me. I started the registry back in 2000 or there about. I have always maintained ownership of the site, but have never mastered the complexities of running a website.

    Thru the years we have had several “Webmasters” most were 1981 Corvette owners that volunteered time and talent to set it up and maintain. NOT until a young engineering student “Tim” took over the controls in 2004 did we really provide a meaningful internet presence. Tim took the site to new heights. He did a complete redesign and most important implemented the Data Base as you see it now,

    Tim sold his 1981 and we turned the keys over to Paul (pbcanney). Paul had a few rough years and was not able to continue to update and improve the site. Paul sold his 1981 and decided to return the control back to me

    Basically, since around 2007 or ’08 very little if anything has been done to improve or update our Registry. My limited computer and website knowledge has not been much of an asset to our site. I have figured out how to approve new registrations, but NOT how to update text, upload information or update the site. I maintain all cost to keep us alive, but can only hope the life support system we are on can continue until someone comes along that has the talent and desire to help us.

    Thru the years I have paid for service to maintain the Registry, but have found that to be undesirable as getting updates or upgrades done is not as easy as dealing with someone that knows and enjoys our Hobby and has the talent and desire to be evolved does, and not to mention less expense .

    I want to address a few questions that I receive. One of the most common is ”I have forgotten my logon or password, Please send it to me” I regret to inform everyone that I do not know how, if possible, to access individual profiles to get this information. My suggestion: Re-Register your 1981. The registration form will indicate if it is a duplicate or new. If you submit a duplicate and most the information is the same (abet ~ mail address, mileage and other options), once approved you should be able to access the Registry as a member.

    That about covers the major items, and I hope it address’s some of your questions.

    I hate that our Registry is on Life Support, but for now please bear with me. Hopefully, at some point we can move forward and get our Registry back to being a meaningful Corvette Registry and the best it can be.

    Thank everyone that comes here and visits the L81VetteRegistry

    Bud Dougherty
    "Quality, not quantity"
    "The American people will never knowingly adopt "SOCIALISM." But, under the name of "LIBERALISM," they will adopt every fragment of the "SOCIALIST" program, until one day America will be a "SOCIALIST NATION," without knowing how it happened.
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    Bud, if you need some help, shoot me a PM! I don't claim to know a lot,
    but I'm a persistent old SOB, and can usually get to the bottom of a problem.
    The worst that I can do is tell you I don't know, and I just might be able to
    provide some info. Don't have an 81, but like the hell out of them nonetheless!
    Andy Anderson - PROUD VIETNAM VETERAN.

    Vietnam Veterans Corvette Club - Founding Member #1

    "Dream as if you'll live forever...........Live as though you'll die today" - James Dean

    "Money isn't everything.........but it SURE DOES keep the kids in touch!"

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    redid mine Bud!!!!!
    Bill and the wave
    NCRS member 42415
    1981 St.Louis car #2735
    all matching numbers

    born Sept 18,1980
    Cruisefest 2008
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    Tim's design is really locked up tight. You really have to "know" php to make any serious changes. I did come up with a work around to add pictures as the upload functionality was disabled when I got it. And digging out passwords means digging into the raw database. I'm just happy to see you still have it up and running Bud.

    An interesting thing happened last week. A new owner of mine (Traci) contacted me out of the blue and told me he had recently purchased her from the guy I sold it to (or maybe the guy of the guy of the guy.. ) Anyways, I was impressed with his determination to find me. It seems the next owner(s) after me, beat the hell out of her and he's struggling with the engine. (It only had 2k miles on it's rebuild to a 383). Sad.

    But he did send me a picture of her and she's blue now. (I did warn him about purists possibly slamming him about it being blue) and it seems to be in much better hands than the Camaro guy I sold it to. The new owner did tell me it was the 4 speed that made him chose Traci over other's.

    I still check in here occasionally as my love for C3's will never die.
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