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    Default Battery Light & Warning buzzer

    Hi All

    I've had a new issue come up. My battery light comes on and stays on (though it dims somewhat). Replaced the battery and checked the output from the alternator (> 13v). A warning buzzer sounds as the car goes through 1500 rpm - sounds like it comes from the center console where the battery light is.

    I recently put new speakers in - possibly too much load on the new wiring or something?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I had a dim batery light all the time and a faint intermitent buzz from the console area. Found bad diodes in the alternater. Reaplaced and all is well. The buzz was coming from the choke relay. Hope this helps

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    Another thought

    Check the connector at the altenator.. the wiring on our cars are rather old, in car years AND the connector sometimes has a bad wire connection in the plug to the Alternator..

    How do I know this cross country trip in 2002 from California to Bowling Green... 3:00 a.m. in Evanston, WY battery light / warning light

    I unplugged the connector and the battery and warning light went off. I slept in the car until NAPA opened, changed alternators then found the wires to the connector very brittle broke and not making good continuity..

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    Default It was the Altenator

    Thanks for helping me out guys - I checked / cross-checked all the wiring, battery harness, etc and couldn't find anything.

    Broke down and bought the a new altenator - fixed it right away.

    Thanks again!

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