Meet up??

  1. Scottsredvette
    So, are we going to try to get together and tell tall tales soon???
    And if not, at least let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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  2. Patrick
    Who would ever tell tall tales? We have Bill, who modifies his transmission shifting via laptop while driving. How could a tall tale top that?

    Merry Christmas, Scott!
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  3. Scottsredvette
    I believe that one of your presents was the other night when the Av's embarrassed my Wings in Detroit. On the other hand, at least the Wings whomped up on San Jose last night.

    Let me know if you wander down the week after Christmas. Be nice to gather up the crew and have a glass of something. I'll even buy the first round.

    Merry Christmas to you, too.

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  4. vettesplus
    hey everyone, another Colorado c5er. we have a group of about 10 c5's and c6's that we all get together throughout the summer for some awesome runs and bbq's. always looking for more people to join in....ed
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  5. Red Vette
    Red Vette
    Thanks for joining the group; the RMCSC does the same as your group, but I think the core group is based in C Springs, with the exception of Tom (Western Kansas) and myself (Pine Co). You shyould also go to the RMCSC web site to learn more about us. Anyway, welcome to our group and tell us a little more about yourself.
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