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  1. Bagoftrix
    Got muy vette back from the dealership. They had to bleed the fuel lines and put in a new fuel pump and a valve ( they haven't told me yet which valve). Runs a whole lot better but it still has a rough idle, fluctuates at operating temperature (hot at idle and cool at freeway speeds), the coolant is rust brown in the overflow tank after a rad flush, and the fuel gauge is not reading right after they replaced the fuel pump. I changed the spark plugs (AC Delco rapid fire) and am going to change the distributor cap and rotor next week. I'm hoping the cap and rotor will fix the rough idle. Should I be worried about the temp. fluctuations, or is this normal??? Should I change the thermostat? The car sat at the showroom for a year as eye candy with out really running a whole lot. Would like to see it run away a more steady temp.. Is this just how corvettes run?
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