2001 corvette engine noise

  1. Mr vette
    Mr vette
    Hello all I am new here.. I have been reading these post for years now and I must say it has been a life saver when I run into an issue or if I am upgrading... Now I am going to try and explain my situation here and hopefully someone can chime in.. Here it goes I have a 2001 corvette automatic convertible and love it my upgrades are borla exhaust cat back, slp air intake, wires gm red, suspension is z51 sway and zo6 shocks, slotted/drilled rotter... And intune witch I am unsure of.. Here is the issue Irecently acquired an annoying noise at around 1500 rpm only sounds like marbles in a can... I religiously change oil every 3,000 with mobile 1 full synthetic, miles are around 70,000 I don't abuse her at all it doesent see rain or snow for the 5 years of ownership. To diagnose I removed the main belt and ac belt still makes the noise. Inspected the exhaust that looks great but here is what I don't get I sea foamed through the intake used half can the noise went away then came back
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