This isn't spam...nor is it advertising any clubs., businesses, etc...

I'm just a new vette owner who's been cruising around the forums and have realized just how difficult it is to hook up with & meet folks in your own general locality.

So - using my own webhosting - started an e-mail list for the folks located in South Central or Eastern PA area. You are free to subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want. Those who are 'on the list' are free to use it to e-mail other members on the list. This is a great way to communicate about area shows, events, mod parties, cruises, last minute get-togethers, or anything vette related!

It's small right now but looking to grow and my husband and I are always looking to meet some folks in our area.

Feel free to join in.... and like I subscribe and unsubscribe at your own free will.

To subscribe or unsubscribe - simply send an email to:
In the subject line:

For those already on the list and you wish to e-mail everyone - send an e-mail to:

If you have any questions - feel free to e-mail me

Thanks and hope to meet ya'll someday!