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    Default Supercharger v. Turbocharger for the LT1

    Might as well try this post over here since there is now a forum for it!

    Hey gang--
    I was wondering if someone could better explain to me the differences between the concept of a supercharged motor as opposed to a turbocharged motor. By this, I mean that there seems to be some differences in how people approach the motors. I know that they function differently, and that plumbing seems to be an issue with turbocharged motors. I guess my real question is, "Would a 700 HP supercharged motor be on the same power level as a 700 HP turbocharged motor?" I know turbochargers are the closest thing to "free horsepower". I am trying to decide the best way to build a monster while maintaining street manners. Thanks for your help, and I welcome any and all thoughts!

    More details about purpose for the car, going with a turbo....

    I am not sure where in the RPM band I would want my turbocharger to be most efficient. I would think that the stroker, even built with a turbocharger in mind, would provide at least some low-end grunt. The car will be mainly street driven, so I wouldn't think boost would be good for me cruising around town or on the highway at less than, say, 2600 RPM's. This is not a race motor, so I wouldn't need it to wind to the moon, probably 6500 RPM max. So I guess I am looking for the full force to hit 3000-6500 RPM. Am I using the right logic here? I want a cruiser with occasional trips down the strip, but I don't want to have a dog stoplight to stoplight. I am shooting for low 11's to high 10's for the total package with a 4L80E (current 4L60E probably couldn't be built to hold the power), and a rear gear in the neighborhood of 3.36. Am I dreaming here or what?

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    Default Turbo vs Supecharger

    I was just thinking about this very same situation for my '98 C5 and doing a little research on the web.

    Both seem to have their advantages and disadvantages but it looks like it will be up to you to decide what you want the system to do. I found a couple of websites that provide some good information, of course both want to sell their product so you'll have to look at the literature objectively, but good reading none the less.

    This first is Cerra Racing, at www.cerraracing.com and the second is Procharger at www.procharger.com

    Their FAQ's are pretty good and after reading both sites you can kind of get an idea of the "streetability" of each system. In all actuality, contacting one of their techs might be the best answer for you right now.

    I really like the idea of the supercharger but it seems to have a much higher parasitic load on the engine, reducing gas mileage, and it seems to be most effective in higher RPM ranges whereas the turbo is effective at lower RPM and does not affect gas mileage and street manners nearly as much. I will probably end up going with a turbo system since it appears to have the most low end power increase. After all it will be only rare occassions if ever that the vette gets into the high RPM Supercharger zone. Though there is nothing like a chrome Supercharger sitting atop the power plant, a nice turbo tucked neatly into the engine compartment is pretty nice too! (Maybe I'll consider a twin-turbo set up, only after winning the lottery of course!

    At any rate, research is the key in addition to deciding how you want your car to behave. Other factors to consider is many of the supercharger systems such as the one offered by RK Sport, require an after market high rise hood in addition to the supercharger unit. Others mount without significant body alterations if any. Much of the decision will come down to how much you want to spend and what level of modifications you are willing to do.

    I'll continue my research and savings effort, most of the systems start around 5-6K so its a fairly significant investment, so it will be a little while yet before I get really serious.

    Anyway, best of luck in your endeavor, and I look forward to hearing back from you and the rest of the folks on the site.


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