I'm a Vette guy but also a drag racer, a good friend & fellow racer built this car a few years back for NHRA Super Gas racing. Unfortunately he had to sell it due to an ugly divorce, but the car is still around and it's one of my favorites.... I figured you guys would appreciate it!

The car is built for NHRA Super Gas which runs on a 9.90 index, but it's capable of mid-7 seconds times. You really have to see the car in person to appreciate it! All of the bumpers / grilles & license plate are airbrushed onto the fiberglass body:

The emblems are also airbrushed on:

The rear bumpers are also airbrushed, including the "reflection" of the tail lights which actually work:

I loved that car and was almost as sick as my buddy when it was sold, I was just looking at some pics & figured if anyone would appreciate them it would be a bunch of fellow Vette guys! Enjoy!