Today, for some odd reason I recalled a conversation I had years ago about Aluminum wheels pitting and corrosion during sitting in a garage with a gas water heater, furnace or motors that come on and off.

As I recall the discussion centered around the “Ozone, and Frequency” emitted from the gas appliance’s and motors running in my garage. I know from my experience in the Electric Utility Industry that Ozone can cause metal degradation around connections in Substations High Voltage Bus and around porcelain High Voltage Insulators.

I wonder if this is any concern for the Wheels on my Corvettes (Stock Wheels… 1981 & 2003 Aniv.)?

I doubt there is enough Ozone or Frequency being emitted to worry about … Now another reason this came to mind I also use those High Frequency Rodent plug ins

Any Engineers every study any of this “stuff” ? I figure geekinavette will have a field day with this one So what you think Bill??