I received my Corvette Enthusiast magazine yesterday and read the article (part 1 of 2 parts) by Hib Halverson on fuel for the Corvette. Very interesting and a lot of great information about gasoline and the Tier One for 2004s and subsequent years. Hib discusses in depth the "cleaner additives", but I am curious about the secondary market solvents for injectors versus the GM product. Several of the GM tech advisers at the dealerships state that the "over the counter products" purchased at Checker, Autozone, etc. do not work, but that the GM additive that costs about $25 per bottle does clean the injectors. Maybe Hib or the c4c5 specialist has a position on this.
I am looking forward to part two next month as Hib will discuss octane boosters. I carry bottles with me just in case I can't find premium and have to use 85 octane gasoline. In a previous post, Hib has stated that the addition of an octane booster could damage the O2 sensor. Was not aware of this.
I just wanted to post this thread to alert the CACers of the article and to thank Hib for his work.