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    Default scratched windows

    on my passanger and driver side windows the felt that rubs against the windows wore out and the prevous owner kept running them up/down. i got some glue backed VELCRO at wally world and put it on the contact points. but still have the scratched glass. Question-if I polish the glass (tempered saftey glass)will it break/crack/other? i know how to and have the equipment.would like to know if its OK to do so.

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    I think the same guys that do the stone-chip repair can polish that out for you.

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    There is a shop here in Ankara / Turkey who claims they can polish sctratches on galss as long as they are not deep enough where you can feel them with your finger nail... I am assuming they do some buffing.

    Is it possible to fix deep sctratches as well??? Such as those that are "finger nail feel" types?

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    Ecklers sells a glass polishing kit that attaches to a drill. I used it on my hatch window and it did fine although the scratches weren't that deep. It's a delicate and can be dangerous repair however as too much pressure on the buffing wheel creates heat and the glass can shatter. If you opt to go this route, be prepared to go V E R Y slow.


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