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    Default Correct Wheels for 75?

    Restoring a 1975 roadster and was wondering if it is correct to put on the eight-hole (non-rally) wheels (I believe they are aluminum)??. They were offered on the 73 and 74, but there were forging/quality issues with the wheel.

    I have been told they were actually offered (very limitedly from very few dealers) that year (75) but were not officially offered by the "factory/GM".

    I really like them, but want to restore correctly as possible Can anyone set the record straight. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    There were no known cars delivered from the factory with aluminum wheels (RPO YJ8) in the 1975 model year. No bona fide example of any Corvette prior to 1976 M/Y with these wheels installed by St. Louis has ever been seen.

    The wheels were available over the counter for some period in 1973, possibly 4(?) sets have been accounted for so far.

    Most wheels seen today are the later '76+ version but obviously would not be 'correct' for a '75. They do look nice though

    Possibly the only bigger legend would be 1962 Corvairs being factory equipped with knock offs, but that's a subject that might give some people an earache.

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