Before letting the wife put these up on fleabay I wanted to give all you Corvette/Chevy guys a chance at these. I sold my '06 a couple of months ago and am slowly cleaning out some leftovers. I'm not a professional diecast or collector card guru but these are very fair prices for these items. They are sold as you see them so if you dont like move on.
(1) 1993 Matchbox 40th Anniversary Corvette Collectors Set. Box seal is broken but nothing ever removed from the box. Contains 5 cars and boxes inside the big box. $15.00 + shipping

(2) Corvette Collector's Cards. 108 cards plus Callaway Sledgehammer Halogram. Plastic case is a little yellow and scuffed up but otherwise in excellent condition. I had the cards in a display album protected in ultra pro sleeves. Complete set. $10.00 + shipping

(3) 1992 Collect-A-Card Chevy Set Series 1. 100 cards. I had/have these cards displayed in an album protected with ultra pro sleeves. Complete set. Pretty cool Chevrolet Historical collection. $10.00 + shipping.