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    Default 1982 Crossfire Injection Injector Issue

    Hey all,

    I'm relatively new to cars and this is my first project car so I need all the wisdom I can get. To get right to the point while I was driving on the highway in my 1982 Corvette CE I bought 2 months ago I suddenly lost a lot of power and it started to sputter. I pulled out on the nearest exit and my car stalled at the stop light. I limped it to the nearest parking lot by giving it gas. I then called home for support and we found that only one fuel injector was firing and the other was spraying nothing. The passenger side that was working was dumping a ton of gas and the gas mixture was super super rich. I limped it home thankfully. I gave never worked on CFI engines and I don't know where to start. If it's at all important my right head light vacuum has a leak that I temporarily fixed with tape while parts get here but I don't think that would effect the fuel spray.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    fix vacuum leak first

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