I am mid-process of rebuilding my throttle bodies. I have a complete rebuild kit, including the injector and regulator parts. When re-assembling, it seems that there are parts in the kit I cant account for. A couple of aprox 1/2 dia foam rubber gaskets and also two additional felt gaskets of larger diameter. I thought I paid attention when I disassembled, but the "extra" parts have me second guessing myself. Searched the net thinking I could get written instructions or a youtube video to guide me, but no luck.

Anyone have detailed instructions, exploded views, video links, or anything else that might help me insure I get this right?

Have taken apart and cleaned the injector and housing, have modified the FPR to be adjustable ( I have one of the adjuster tools purchased from Dynamic Crossfire Solutions before they folded, along with their pressure gauge conversion) and have an 85 fuel pump and new sending unit ready to go in. I also have a renegade in the box for once I get the car running. Just need some help to get me over this hump without making a big mistake putting the TB's together. Any help appreciated. Thanks