Greetings All:
Just came back from my local Chevy dealer where they checked for me for free, where the oil leak is coming from on my 84 Vette. They seem to think it is the back side of the intake manifold where oil leaks onto, then down the wire loom and drips onto the drivers side exhaust pipe where it really stinks. Car only has 15,000 miles on it but they say the RTV used originally at the factory on intake manifold will dry out and leak over time, regardless of mileage, but due to age. Does this sound correct?
They added a small bottle of die to the oil to confirm where leak is coming from and told me to drive it and come back in a day or so for leak confirmation. Will this help them locate the exact leak location?
I probably could do the job myself but being semi-disabled would take me quite long to complete. The dealer quoted me around $250.00, give or take a few bucks to do the job. Does this sound reasonable? Plus, they can knock it out in a few hours with their knowledge. I'm leaning towards them doing it but would like your expert advice. THANKS in advance for your thoughts regarding this matter.

Regards & Thanks Again: Willow