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    Default dynamic crossfire solutions

    this is just me giving jim at crossfire solutions a big for being a great business man and telling anyone in this forum with a crossfire to check out his site - Home Page

    i ordered a part for my 82 vette and honestly thought i had given it away with the car and ended up finding it while looking for something else.. i contacted jim and with no questions asked he took the old part in and swapped it right out... it may not seem like a lot but in todays age everyones looking to make a buck and most places would tell you tough s^%$ buy a new one and sell the old one on e-bay.

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    Default Three cheers for DCS

    I would like to thank DCS for proceeding with their Renegade intake manifold. For a while, it looked like the project was going to fail because of low pre-buy numbers, but DCS decided to proceed with the project anyway. I have wanted a good replacement high performance intake manifold for my Crossfire '82 Corvette for 22 years now, and it looks like I'm going to finally get one. Three cheers for DCS.

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