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    Denny Nelson

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    In the March 2004 issue of Corvette Enthusiast Magazine [pg 72] is an advertisment for Lustrelab LXR www.Lustrelab.com 866-597-5971.$19.95 for 32 oz of this new product that will change the way you care for your car, or so they claim. I sent away for it and tried it yesterday. VERY impressive. I am a Zaino fan and work diligently to get that 'wet' look on my Polo Green 96 from their product. I am always skeptical about shortcuts, but I got the look I was after with just one application. I am giving you a 'heads-up' because you have contributed so much to CAC. I hope you try this product and give us wax-head-wanna-be's your analysis. BTW the total is $26.90 with S&H so each wash should cost $3.36. However, I prepared one gallon exactly according to the label, and used less than 1/2 even doing the rims, so I am looking forward to about 20 washes per order. Here is an exerpt from their website:

    LustreLab ™ "LXR"™ is the latest innovation in automotive cleaning technology, replacing the need for car wash liquids, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, bug and tar removers and waxes… saving you time and money.

    LustreLab LXR's patented acrylionic formula is made with a high concentration of acrylic polymers, the same ingredients as your car’s clear protective coating. These polymers actually place a positive charge on the surface of your car, which helps it repel dirt and grime.

    These polymers fortify and beautify the surfaces on your vehicle leaving behind a brilliant, streak free, "harder than wax" shine. You'll never need to wax your car again.

    Hope this is the correct thread to post this topic. I will watch for a reply

    Denny Nelson

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRANT212
    Sorry for not being more specific. The body side mouldings run around the whole perimeter of the car. midway between the body and around the bumpers. the are made of a white rubber/plastic material. These mouldings have a tendancy of turning a beige color after a period of time. What ever you can come up with would be greatly appreciated!!!
    I'll start a new thread on this. I don't know how long this has been up there so I apologize for the oversight on my part.

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    I was just poking around in this section and I am glad to see you are now at CAC.

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    I was reading on one site,there's this kind of plastic that detainers are using.It cost around $350 to do the job.It's guaranteed for 2 years.So that way no swirl marks,ya don't need to do the clay bar.

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    Thanks for the helpful tips!

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