Take caution when using Simple Green or any other product like it on your cars.
I have had many cars and motorcycles over the years and liked the way these products cleaned the grime off of the chassis and engines of my rides.
Several years ago I started using these to clean the engines on my Harleys and found them to work extremely well ! The engines would come out looking like new. I would simply spray it on and hose it off never leaving it on for any extended time.
Then something happened. I had to do some work on them and discovered that Simple Green would seep into the threads and collar areas of any and all the bolts on my engines and corroded the bolts.
Some bolts so bad that they were very hard to remove and needed replacement.
Also I found out that the FAA has banned Simple Green and any cleaner like it for use on aircraft due to the corrosion effects it has.
Just thought I would share this,,, Jim