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    Default question 'please'

    i have a yellow conv. with a black fabric top. yesterday when i took my top down, i noticed two faint black lines directly behind my seats that go over the plastic mold hump. the two lines on each side were about 6 inches in length. i got out wax to see if they could be removed. no luck at all. these two lines on each side behind the seats are faint, but still there.

    when i put my top back up, i noticed that there is a horizontal fabric piece that lies down over the yellow molded piece and that there is a taught wire or string keeping it in place from side to side. in other words, it looks like that fabric piece guide wire is and has been rubbing against the yellow painted molded piece behind each seat!!

    is or has anyone else have this problem? would this be a warranty issue? i am sure that gm will try to get out of this somehow.

    not a happy camper right now.

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    Sorry to hear about the top problem, Texastim. If you bought the 07 new and the mileage is still within range, I'd take it back to the dealer and see what they can do. It can't hurt.

    Keep us posted please.


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