I found this guy selling a Callaway Camaro via eBay. He's a really nice guy and has a great looking Callaway Camaro for sale. I'd definitely be snatching it up if I had the money, but... long story short, I don't. Here's the info he sent me:

This is a real callaway. The car was built by callaway in 1997 and all work done on this car was performed by callaway. 1 of only 16 made.

The engine is a callaway sn-450(383 c.i. stroker with 450 horsepower).Transmission is a tremec t-56 with a hurst shifter.Driveline has a aluminum driveshaft connected to a general motors 3.73 rear gear with aluminum girdle cover.For more information on this engine and drivetrain you can go to www.callawaycars.com.

The car has a callaway complete suspension with koni shocks, high-rate coil springs (lowered 3/4 inch), new trailing arms & tubular lateral link, stiffer front and rear stabilizer bars.

Braking system is massive brembo f-40 vented and cross-drilled front disc brakes with racing grade 4-piston callipers. ($3500.00 option)

The car was repainted in 1999 to a slightly brighter red with the black callaway stripes.The full custom paint was performed by FINAL FINISH (callaway paint shop).The paint shines and looks beautiful. It looks like a factory paint job.

The exterior has a ultra z functional ram air hood, 2001 chromed ss 17x9 wheels and bridgestone tires.The car also has t-tops.

The interior has callaway dove-gray custom leather, MBA billet aluminum gas, brake, and clutch pedals. The sound system is the factory bose cd unit.
My asking price is $27000.00 which is far lower than any other one I have seen sell.

Thanks, John
His email address is jjchilds@adelphia.net
He emailed me some additional pics, but I don't want to host them. He was selling a Corvette on ebay, so I'll just post one of the pics from that auction. If he uploads some pics and sends me the links or puts the car on ebay I'll let you all know.

I wish I could get it, but I'd have to take out a loan and I'm already in a lot of debt with college loans right now. I hope posting it here helps it go to a great home with one of y'all .