This thread (and all post to it) will be removed this thread Monday January 17th. I post this as general information to get the word out and generate interest in our Annual CruiseFest Event, this year at MidAmerica Motor Works, Effingham, Illionis June 9th ~ 12th 2011.

General Discussion Thread Open forum to express your past experience, encourage others to attend and make suggestions

CruiseFest 2011 Information Page This thread is for information only. As Events come together we will put the Registration package up for everyone to register.

I Caution everyone ….. This year we plan to have a Registration Fee! The Corvette Action Center does not believe that MidAmerica Motor Works should finance the entire weekend. Our goal is to keep the Fee around $20 ~ $25 per member. We plan on a banquet and awards ceremonies.

Hope to see ya all in Effingham in June

I do not like spamming the forums, but I want to get the word out early this year and generate as much interest as possible, as stated I will remove this Posting from each Generational Forum on Monday January 17th (Unless folks in a particular forum wish to have it remain.

Thanks for your understanding!
Come Spring then Summer somewhere in this time (June 9th ~ 12th ) The Corvette Action Center will be at MAM Effingham, IL for a weekend gathering to celebrate our existence and support our Online Corvette Community.. . Yahoo, Yippee, hurrah and a whoya thrown in too

Hope to see ya all there

The staff of the Corvette Action Center and MidAmerica Motor Works..