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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShark View Post
    I'm not so sure GM intended the Corvette to be exclusive. I was under the impression that GM wanted Corvettes to be affordable supercars....
    .....I really don't care where the engine lies. Affordable and performance minded is what counts. The Corvette has always sought to prove the point that you don't need a lot of $$$ to get a lot of car.
    I agree wholeheartedly. If the price goes up into the stratosphere, then it will become ultra-exclusive. And we all know where most of those lambos and prancing horses are - sitting in a spit shined garage, never getting driven.

    Now I have to run, you see I just got off of work. I have to go drive my Vette home, most likely in the remnants of hurricane Humberto. Darn, it might get wet. Betcha I see a few other Vettes but not one of those "exclusive" cars.

    - Eric

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    There will never be a mid-engine Corvette. This issue has repeatedly come up for years and years and GM always ultimately dismisses the idea and goes with a front engine design. It's just not gonna happen, no way, no how.

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