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    Well, that is the nicest thing I've seen you type. I am sorry if I offended anyone. I was just laughing about our posts because we have the same type of car, which by the way .
    so I will stop and get off my .
    sorry about the confusion Norseman and thank you for fighting for my freedom!!!!!

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    2006 Blue Z51 Coupe/2004 STi for the snow.
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    Default Love

    I Love all corvettes especially the C-2's and the C-6's I would love to own a 1961; but can't afford one. So I guess I'll just have to make do with my 2006.
    No offence taken Vettman, save the wave.
    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know. HM1 1st MAR DIV.

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    1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
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    I guess love is blind, at least for me. I love my '59 and my wife's '81. I had a '55 briefly that I wish was still in the garage and I dearly miss the '65 convertible and the '67 427 coupe I had. I have a lifelong desire to own a '65 Fuelie in black and would love to have a red '69 convertible with both tops, or an Onterio Orange '72 convert with both tops or an orange '74 2 top convert with a 454 and 4 speed. I get excited about the early C4s in modified form like the one the late Ken Stapel built and then there is the ZR1 and '96 collector edition with the LT4 that I can see in my garage. A C5 always turns my head and I'd do dastardly deeds to own a silver or Sunset Orange C6 Z06.

    I'm not saying that I have never seen a Corvette that doesn't appeal to me but that would be an individual car and not a specific year or generation.

    1959 Chevrolet Corvette 1981 Chevrolet Corvette , 350 L81 automatic Frost Beige

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    linda lake


    Well the only reason I took umbridge to the removal of the color LeMans Blue is my C6 is my first VETTE,hopefully not my last.When one has to wait 30+ years it's tough to see something you like go away especially when you want your next VETTE to be the same
    color.Maybe by the time I buy my next VETTE they will have something similar.L.Lake

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