I ran through the stock Goodyears quickly, and am almost ready for new tires after the Nitto Invos. Incidentally, the Nittos lasted more than twice as long, gave me better traction, and I chose not to worry about the lack of runflats. Everyone has a cell phone these days, so help is never far away.

I also bought a pair of slicks for drag racing and keep them on spare wheels. Not drag slicks unfortunately, but I wasn't willing to change the brakes or wheelwells to accommodate tall sidewall tires.

Anyway, I want high traction tires, and I remember an article a few years ago in one of the three big car mags about a special edition Vette (Ron Fellows, maybe?), and the writer complained that Corvette cheated (used sticky tires). They were street-legal tires--not cheating.
"The porsche would do better competing if it used tires like that". Of course they didn't notice their hypocrisy about putting down Corvette seats. (Yes, and the Vette would do better if it put in $2000 dollar Ricaro seats).

Does anyone remember the article or what tires Corvette put on that special edition car?