• 50K Miles and Still Going...
  • 50K Miles and Still Going...
  • 50K Miles and Still Going...
  • 50K Miles and Still Going...

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    Default 50K Miles and Still Going...

    People can't believe I've already have over 50,000 miles on the ODO. Mine's a 2013. So far, so good. No problems at all. Just regular wear and tear items. Tires, brakes...

    In fact, I drove my neighbor's 2007 Porsche 911 GT3. I had 20Kmi more on mine than he had on his. I thought, damn, this is a PORSCHE. It's going to make my Z feel flimsy and awkward....Nope! In fact, I can't see why that 911 is worth $32-37K over the MSRP of my Z! Maybe $5-10K...It's got a really nice interior and everything is made extremely well... And, when I took it around a 25 mph hairpin turn coming off the highway, the front end started wiping out fast. I was probably driving it wrong...what with the engine in the back...I understand one goes into a turn slowly, then hammer the gas when the car is going straight after the apex of the turn...I prefer the way I can pivot my Z around a turn and it's very easy to get a bit of throttle drift in...But, it is a narrower, nimbler car. It's not nearly as 'width' intimidating as the Z...The Z really isn't for flying down the narrow secondary and tertiary roads in my area...But, the GT3 didn't 'feel' any better in normal driving. And my Z felt just as premium as did the GT3. I was very pleasantly surprised...Especially with the mileage difference...
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    My Vette isn't a ZO6 but it has the ZO6 drive train. I've got 45,000+ on my 427 and all is good. Love that LS7!
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