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Thread: tire preasures

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    Default tire preasures

    i have a question about tire preasures. usually tires air run any where from 34-37 psi. but on my tires they say max preasure 44 psi. now recomended preasure on my door panel show 30 psi.
    is this to low? are these tires made to run that low? i have low profile tires on my harley and the require to run them at max preasure, because they are softer tires. are these tires softer and wear fast or what? any help here would be appreciated.

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    The PSI on any tire is the MAX and not to be exceeded not the recommended tire PSI. The door sticker PSI is what you need to stay with. As for your Harley check the frame for a sticker or owners manual.

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