I want to replace my pads to eliminate the squeal I've been getting for quite some time. I'm tired of getting looked at when I come to a stop.
At first I could care less, but now I'm drawing to much attention that has become an embarrassment.

I thought it would be easy to find a set of pads, but my God, things have changed greatly in the last couple of years.
I've always used semi-metallic with great success but now find other compounds being touted as the best -ceramic, ceramic blends, organic compounds, ferro-carbon, carbon metallic, etc.

I don't auto-cross but occasionally blow-it-out at the local drag strip.

Does anyone have any "proven" aftermarket pads that don't squeal when properly bedded?

My vette is a DD regardless of weather conditions with a good amount of street spirited driving.

Can someone share some advise on what pad compound may work best.
My priorities are - stopping, no squeal, performance/longevity/quality, and finally dust (my least concern).