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    Default License Plate Bulb Replacement

    Get something to sit on. Remove inside tailight. (Closest to light housing) There is one screw at top of light. Tilt forward, slight twist counter clockwise, pull out. Careful not to scratch paint with light hanging (Me). Disconect and sit aside. Reach inside hold light housing. Remove two screws under lip where light shines through. There is one on each end of the opening. Pass housing through opening. Twist bulb socket pull out and remove bulb. I replaced my bulbs with HID,s to highlight my vanity plate. Looks great. REMEMBER!!!! Check to see if bulb is working before you replace housing. If bulb not working, pull out and turn around, replace. Replace housing, you can use your fingers to feel and line up the screw holes. Connect tail light and replace.
    OR THE HARD WAY: When you remove tail light, WITH ONE HAND, reach in twist bulb housing, remove bulb, replace with new one, REMEMBER to see if working, if not pull out and turn around. If you drop the bulb, oh well!
    I did it both ways and prefer pulling housing through opening. Before I discovered pulling the tail light, I tried to replace it through the opening and trying to replace screws, IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
    Hope this helps somebody out there in CAC land. I'm not a tech writter, if anyone has a question about this please ask.
    Next up, mesh screens for grill and side vents. All take care. SAVE THE WAVE.

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    Got pics?

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    Sorry for not having pics. Was not thinking of pics at the time. Hopefully in the future any work I try on my own, i'll try to clarify with images.

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    Actually there is a much easier method.

    remove the tail light as described. twist socket out as described. now position hanging socket so it's accessible from the hole in the bumper above the license plate. pull out bad bulb. replace new bulb. twist socket back into place. reattach tail light. done.

    I didn't know there was even a hole there in the bumper until i looked. There is def. no reason to remove the 2 screws and the entire unit.

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