• PWM Fuel Pump on 2009 C6?
  • PWM Fuel Pump on 2009 C6?
  • PWM Fuel Pump on 2009 C6?
  • PWM Fuel Pump on 2009 C6?

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    Default PWM Fuel Pump on 2009 C6?

    How can I tell what kind of fuel pump I have on my 2009 C6?

    I want to add a supercharger and need to know if I can add a voltage based boost a pump.

    My 09 Shop Manuals imply that all the pumps are controlled by the FPCM (Fuel Pump Control Module) and use PWM to control the pump pressure. I dont think I can use a voltage booster for the PWM pump.

    I have heard that this applies only to the ZR1, so hence the question.

    Also is the Z06 pump different than the C6? Heard that it depends on the VIN as both were installed in 09 depending on part availability.

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    I think I'd get a recommendation from the blower company - it's usually part of the information provided with the unit or in their brochure. I don't think overclocking the stock pump with juice is a good idea.

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    From the other forum

    See forums.corvetteforum.com/1571513385-post16.html

    It's easy to tell if it's a Z06 assembly as all of the Z06 pump assemblies I have seen have a yellow tag on the fuel pressure line that say "Z06".

    Usually you can see the tag with out removing anything but I did have one that wasn't easily visible until the tank was lowered.

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