• Replaced Altenator Still Problem
  • Replaced Altenator Still Problem
  • Replaced Altenator Still Problem
  • Replaced Altenator Still Problem

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    Default Replaced Altenator Still Problem

    Got a problem with Charging system.
    I had been hearing a noise from the alternator for a few days and yesterday the alternator went completely out lost all electrical to the interior gauges. about 20 miles from home in traffic (los Angeles always has traffic) car was still running presumably off the battery (5 year old Optima Red Top) but I only got another 10 miles before it gave out.

    Replaced the alternator and put the battery on charge. started it up and the voltage guage only reads about 10 volts. DIC reads 11.8 for battery while on the charger. Took the car in and AutoZone confirms new alternator only putting out 11.6 volts. Ordered 2nd alternator and installed it getting the same readings.
    Have I just damaged the Optima and this is the cause of the bad reading or....?

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    Optima batteries need to be charged at a higher rate than other batteries. Instead of charging at 1-2 amps, Optimas need to be charged at 10 amps. Charge your battery at 10 amps for a 12-24 hour period.

    Then start Vette and see where your voltage readings are.


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