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    Default super polysteel platinum

    Was at my Chevrolet dealer today and he was telling me about a paint and interior protection called Super Polysteel Platinum Protection. It runs about $500.00 and last 6 years. It sounds alot like simonize to me-which most every one on this forum seems not to like. He said you would't have to wax your car and it would be protected from fading-water spotting-bugs-acid rain-road salt-etc. I'm really not interested but I wondered if anybody has tried this process and liked it! I love waxing and detailing my cars- I don't think I could go 6 years without waxing!

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    Do the math. You could have the car professionally detailed every year for 5+ years for $500.
    Years ago they had a deal called Poly glycoat. they had paint protection, rust proofing, fabric protection and other stuff. I wouldnt pay for any of it on my Datsun 210, but since the rust proofing was on anyhow they let me have it. I got it supposedly for free?? Of course trying to prevent rust on a Datsun was like holding back the ocean. Yes it rusted and they patched it once. the second time they told me to go away. the paint protection was as you said ... a good wax job. In later years they sold the stuff like any other wax.

    It reminds me of these spray on bed liners that cost~ $600+. The purpose is to prevent dents etc. You can get a bed mat that does the same thing for ~$75, and transfer it to your next truck. Also if the bed is that bad without it and you are interested in resale, just take the $700 and get it painted or do it yourself.
    The other thing was the glass etching -it cost hundreds to put a serial number on each window. If the car gets stolen the police only have to get the number, call up the company and decode to find the VIN and owner. DUH! if they have the glass it is probably on the car and you can read the number yourself, or if it is off the car you really dont want it back anyhow.
    These Dealers are always coming up with great ideas to separate you from your money.

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