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    Default Z51 Brake Upgrade

    Question already asked and answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue260 View Post
    Does anyone know if the Z51 brake upgrade is a simple bolt on procedure for the base C6 or is the front spindle/A-Arm different.

    Do the larger caliper brackets simply bolt on once the base brackets are removed?

    What is the difference between Z51 brake pads and base C6 pads - are they larger or just a different compound material?

    Any help or knowledge appreciated.

    From what I understand, the Z51 brake calipers are only different in their location. The rotors are different (obviously.) The master cylinder is the same. The brake lines are the same. The anti-lock controller is the same. I believe the pad compound is different. I'm sure the "specialist" can chime in with the exact details you seek.

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