I thought it might be helpful to answer some of the media and Corvette forum questions and comments to have an inside look at the thoughts behind creating the Competition Sport Package. Feel free to share this as needed.

Corvette Competition Sport Package - Inside Story

Our team was definitely influenced quite a bit by the National Corvette Museum's HPDE events (High Performance Driving Education) and wanted to do a package that was aimed at enthusiasts who go to HPDE’s, autocross, and other track day events and schools. We talked a lot about the racing numbers as part of this package as cars are usually numbered for identification for the track or autocross events. We knew not everyone would use the race numbers, but we still felt it was a unique way of identifying the build order number of that particular car.

The lightest versions of the Z06 and Coupe were chosen and we added some exclusive features from the Z06 to the coupe like the HUD, diff cooler, and taller spoiler. The coupe includes Z51 and NPP also to make it the highest performance version of the coupe available. We had input from the Spring Mountain Corvette driving school that the accessory racing pedals made heel-toe shifting easier so we included those. We wanted to have a Competition Gray theme so we developed a new Competition Gray stripe, and used headlamps and wheels give it a track look and the wheels hide the brakes dust. The Corvette C6.R Racing “Jake” logo has a big following with the people we meet at the HPDE's so we had to include it. We wanted to keep the package simple to order so we limited to white and silver for coupe and black and silver for Z06 - one shared - one specific for each without options.

Our team hopes the customers have as much fun with these cars as we have developing them.

2009 Competition Sport Corvette (RPO CSC)
Chevrolet introduces a new Corvette package available for a limited time

The Competition Sport package is for the Corvette purist and driving enthusiast
- Perfect Corvette for the enthusiast who attends driving schools and track events
- Focus on lightweight and performance driving
- Serious track influenced design features
-Pricing: Coupe @ $55,655 and Z06 @ $77,500 w/ DFC (Complete - no options available)
- Limited build scheduled for Spring '09 only
Included in the package:
-Competition Gray Exterior Stripes, Wheels, and Headlamps
-Corvette Racing ‘Jake’ and ‘CSR’ logos on b-pillar, headrest, and center armrest
-Ebony Interior with titanium embroidery
-Corvette Racing Pedals from GCA
-Special engine cover: Carbon pattern with red lettering
-Racing style numbers with number based on build sequence to be installed by customer

Available in either Coupe 1LT with 436 hp or Z06 1LZ with 505 hp versions
-Z06 version available in 17U Blade Silver or 41U Black
-Coupe version available in 17U Blade Silver or 10U Arctic White
-Coupe version also includes in package:
-Z51 Performance Package, NPP Performance Exhaust, Differential Cooler
-Head Up Display
-Red Painted Brake Calipers
-Z06 tall spoiler

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