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    Default Battery disconnect switch-C6

    I recently purchased a battery disconnect switch from MAM.
    When installed, will this mean that I would not be able to get into
    the vehicle unless I go thru the rear hatch with the key?
    Will I loose all memory also?
    I used to have a C4 & C5, they seemed to really drain the batttery.
    Does C6's do this also?

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    On C6, door and hatch unlatching are done electric actuators.

    If you disconnect the battery, those actuators have no power. What do you think happens?

    If you want to avoid battery discharge over long periods of storage, send the battery disconnect back and buy a "smart" trickle or maintainer battery charger.

    I use Auto Meter "Battery Extenders". I've never had a low/dead battery due to slow discharge during storage.
    Hib Halverson

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