• Some Observations since owning my new to me Z06
  • Some Observations since owning my new to me Z06
  • Some Observations since owning my new to me Z06
  • Some Observations since owning my new to me Z06

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    Default Some Observations since owning my new to me Z06

    I picked up a set of GM service manuals for my 2007 Z06, I thought is was an okay deal for a bit over $100 for the complete 3 volume set. I'm really finding hard to relate what this car calls a small block engine to the FI 283, L84, and LT1 engines I had back in the 60s and 70s. It's come a very long way from those days. The need for a battery tender on this car with everything being electric compared to the almost no electric accessories back then. The most I remember for my cars was the power windows on the 70 LT1. On this car, if the battery in the FOB goes dead, the emergency procedure to get into the car and then get it started is reminiscent of some of the bomb disposal manuals from my Vietnam days. I've been having loads of fun, scouring the forums here learning about my new car. I've had the heads looked at, while in there went with new springs and rocker trunnions. Wiggle test went well and I've sent off an oil sample for testing. The car only had 13,300 miles on it when acquired and everything looked good. I'll do an oil sample for each oil change from now on. the tires had good looking tread but, they were the original ones from new and were so hard that a 1/2 " of throttle broke it loose at any time, no fun! Shod it with a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3s and it feels like a new car! Haven't had it past 5.5k yet as I'm letting the new springs etc break in. Looking forward to the first time to 7k.

    Thank you again to all who welcomed me to the forum and for all the superb info available here.
    "Would the child I once was, be proud of the man Iíve become?"

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    Well, welcome to CAC! Thanks for the review and I hope you enjoy your Z for many years.
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    A little FYI about the key fob. It's easily hacked. The signal is easily copied to a notebook computer nearby then used to steal your vette or this slick gas station hussle. Disable your ignition, then some helpfull fellow will see you trying to figure out what the hell is wrong. He will then tell you how he raced, owned or worked on shitloads of Corvettes "just like yours" and ask you if he can take a look. He'll say something like "theres a wire that comes loose and you just need to jiggle the harness just like this" his buddy in a car around the corner re enables your ignition and Presto! the car starts. And your sooooo thankful you flip the guy $20 bucks. I almost died when walking back to my car at 1am with new batteries and my spare fob after Mr Helpful set me up. When two big gangster crypts are coming my way at 130 in the morning I figured they weren't going to be asking me for directions back to South Central LA. Lucky for me (and them) the 1911 in my hand and smile on my face changed their minds about Z06 Corvette ownership! the solution? PUT THE FOB IN A METAL BOX. Like a Sucrets or Altoids mint box works well. And by the way, THANK YOU FOR SERVING IN VIETNAM TO PROTECT THE FREEDOM WE ALL HAVE TODAY.
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