• c6 oil pan gasket replacement
  • c6 oil pan gasket replacement
  • c6 oil pan gasket replacement
  • c6 oil pan gasket replacement

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    Default c6 oil pan gasket replacement

    anyone have experience at this. garage price, etc.

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    I had a seepy oil pan on my C6. It is not IF the pan will leak, but WHEN. When I told this to my brother he laughed at me and said his was perfect at 9,000 miles. The next month he noticed his pan was wet with oil too. HA! Not enough to leak but enough to wet the bottom of the pan. I found out this was a warranty repair and got it fixed under warranty by my local dealer. I was lucky as I only had 2 wks. left on the warranty. My friend has the same year Vette but he let his warranty expire before he took his in on my advice. The dealer quoted him $600-$700 to replace the gasket because the book said the engine had to be lifted to do it. My dealer managed to replace the seal without lifting the engine but that made no diff. to me.

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