• 2005 C6 Vs 2006-2007 C6
  • 2005 C6 Vs 2006-2007 C6
  • 2005 C6 Vs 2006-2007 C6
  • 2005 C6 Vs 2006-2007 C6

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    Default 2005 C6 Vs 2006-2007 C6

    I am new to this forum but not to Corvettes. I just sold my 93 Convertible that I had owned for 8 years so I can upgrade to a C6 vert with an automatic tranny (getting too old to shift gears).

    In my search, I have found a few low mileage 2005 vert's with Nav at decent prices. This is where I need input from you all please.

    I know that the 05 C6's have a 4 speed automatic and the older steering wheel.

    What other items are significantly different from 05 to 06 or 07 that might make spending the extra $$ worthwhile? Is there a big difference in drivability between the 4 speed automatic and the 6 speed automatic?

    I would be very grateful for any input and guidance anyone is will to offer me.

    Thank you!

    And Happy New Year!!!


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    I see this is your first post, so -

    The 6-sp paddle shift auto added many benefits in '06 like better performance and better fuel economy. The '05's auto was a throw back to the C5 because the new 6-sp auto wasn't ready for prime time yet. My wife liked her '06 auto a lot.

    The steering wheel was probably changed to accommodate the paddle shifters and some of the radio control buttons. And, IMO, it looked and felt better.

    The '06 and newer verts did not have the 'sharks fin' on the rear for the XM/On Star antennae.

    The '06/'07 are probably worth the extra money for these and other reasons.
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