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  • Blue Bullet Blog-The C6 Ownership Experience
  • Blue Bullet Blog-The C6 Ownership Experience
  • Blue Bullet Blog-The C6 Ownership Experience

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    Hib, I have a rattle on my Cadillac CTS that has been driving me crazy too. And like yours, it appears to be coming from the right rear. Also, like you, I 'visually' checked everything, but haven't found anything either....guess I'll get it back up on the lift and check the sway bars.
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    Rattles? I'm not hearing any in my 427 Vert and it's got 49,000 miles now. Then again, I don't always wear my hearing aids.

    I ought to drive out to California and have you check it out for me.

    Has it warmed up enough to put that new Katech engine to limits yet?
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    Okay Hib, you have had the Katech engine for a few weeks now and it should be well broken in. Have you had an opportunity to make a fuel mileage run on the road, town, and combined? Not that anyone with that engine should care about fuel mileage. Also, how is the idle compared with the original cam now that it has a few miles? Thanks for the Katech catalog. It brought back memories of getting the Sears Christmas catalog when I was a kid. Same emotions, same wants, same dreams, different Santa Claus.
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